19th February 2018

The Magic Of The Cup

Does the FA Cup only matter to the fans? Is there any real magic left in a competition that is slave to the TV companies? Do we need it to validate our season? Vass Koni has a look at these questions.

19th February 2018

Nothing is written for Poch and Kane

We've come a long way. Time has changed us and time will change us again, so until then enjoy what we have. Paul Maslin makes his debut on the Fighting Cock.

15th February 2018

‘But What Have They Won?’

It's the query that loudly follows us around social media after another excellent performance. Tom Hayward wonders if this is the question they should be asking though.

3rd February 2018

10.54 Seconds

Watching the game with his baby son, K. McGarr watched Spurs provide the perfect introduction in less than 11 seconds but felt a bond that will last a lifetime.

24th January 2018

How many kits is too many kits?

We at Tottenham have come a long way; it really has been a mad journey since Martin Jol took us to fifth place in the 05/06 season. Players, multiple managers have come and gone but us fans have stayed the same. Battle-hardened Spurs fans have always bought the kits; whether they’re made by Kappa, Under Armour, Puma or Nike. I am now asking the question, how many kits is too many kits? I personally believe that Tottenham’s constant cycle of three new kits every year is getting beyond ridiculous. This comes after the announcement of our new purple camo third... Read more »

23rd January 2018


Missing his regular pre-match journey, Sam Marlow took a detour on the way to Wembley to some familiar stops.